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Futher Adventures of Remo
(Ringdove Rasputin ORC, WRCh x Wheatland Amur WRCH, JC)
AKC Registration #: HP11375706
DOB: August 20, 2004
Breeders: Donna Miner and Lynne McGowan
Owner: Unknown

Pedigree courtesy of The Whippet Archives
Photo Gallery below

  • Unfortunately, Remo was placed by his original owners without informing us.
  • Although this sweet dog is gone from our lives, we still love him. Remo will always be welcome to come home to Domino Whippets.
  • We would welcome any news on Remo's current situation. If you have him, we would be most grateful if you would drop us a line!

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Pedigree of Futher Adventures of Remo

Futher Adventures of Remo

Ringdove Rasputin

Ringdove Satchmo

Lyth Satus

Cockeymoor Geenee

Ringdove Request

Sailaway Bugatti Royale

Ringdove Heythrop

Wheatland Amur

Windyglen's PDQ

Ringdove Black Tuxedo
Windyglen's Terra

Wheatland Frankie Sue

Ringdove Quasar

WR's Crystal Summer Energy
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