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Whippet Racing:Do It Now ~
An Advertising Campaign
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A joint project by Jen Jensen (Fontas) and Donna Miner (Domino), this ad campaign was generated to support the growth of Whippet Racing in North America, a worthy goal for the whippet fancy.

The campaign concept originated in Jen's study of the art of advertising and Donna's early attempts to create ads for the Whippet News Annual. Jen was the creative concept genius and brought amazing wordsmith/editorial talents to the project while Donna provided the PhotoShop skills to build the ads. Together, they had a great synergy.

Each ad featured not only whippet racing but also the racing whippet, in an attempt to encourage production of both lovely and functional dual-purpose whippets. Every effort was made to depict functional, beautiful whippets in the ads and to emphasize racing as a viable test of function for dogs selected for a breeding program. Their deep belief that the racing whippet had many assets to offer any breeding program was evident in each ad. People began to understand that there were great benefits to be obtained through a blend of show and performance lines.

These advertisements were placed over the course of two years in the Whippet Watch magazine, published by Mary Magee. The ad campaign served a dual purpose, first, support of the fledgling publication via a significant financial commitment and second, offering to inspire new exhibitors to give racing a go.

All ads were placed anonymously, giving people a titillating element of mystery to inspire conversation and were primarily placed on the first right-hand page in each issue, so that they'd be the first thing the reader saw on opening the magazine each month. When "Ready, Kid?" hit the streets, based on the level of chatter on the internet, it became clear that the effort had hit a bull's-eye on the intended target.

The effort was made to fill peoples' eyes with wonder and their hearts with inspiration proved worthwhile and while still giving readers the feeling that the sport was filled with fun.

After the start of the campaign, there were numerous "half & half" (race/show) litters produced that enjoyed success in the ring, the coursing field, and on the race track.

If you remember enjoying these ads or if they inspired you to try racing, we would love to hear from you. Contact us and share your story!

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