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Newly Posted - 5/09/11
A Classic Shaggy Dog Tale

Once upon a time, four St. Bernard Exhibitors were coming home from a big show. They were driving over a mountain pass in the middle of a violent snowstorm when suddenly their car went into a skid and hit a guard rail, overturned and went careening down a slope about a mile in length.

The trailer which the car had been pulling landed relatively undamaged next to the car and in it were four St. Bernard show dogs. No one had seen the accident. All four breeders were trapped inside their car, but the trailer door popped open and the dogs were free....
Read the whole story in
The Rag Runner - Jun.1977
See Pages 19-20.

Sure Cure for Barking Dogs

While visiting an old-timer's kennels, I was impressed by the lack of barking and asked him if he'd had all his dogs debarked.

"Nope", he said, "I don't debark them becausee I happen to have a sure-fire cure for barking dogs. And I don't use none of them new-fangled electric shock collars either."....
Read the whole story in
The Rag Runner - Jun.1977
See Page 18.

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