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Riff earns his Canadian CDX in one weekend with scores of 193.5, 192.5, and 194! He is pictured here with owner Kate Darbyshire, and Judge Sharlene Manderson.

Photo by Wendy Beard - MuddyPawz Photography

Gatsby (in the yellow #6) was the Sunday winner and Loon (in the black #5) was the meet winner and High Combined on Saturday at the MAWRA CWA race meet weekend in Dendron, Virginia on Feb. 22 & 23, 2014.

Photo by Marc Stumbo

Riff took back-to-back High In Trial wins at the Sudbury & District Kennel Club Obedience trial weekend on Dec. 14-15, 2013 with scores of 195 and 196.5 in Novice B. Saturday was their annual Pajamafest event, which explains the judge in pajamas in the top photo.

Loon was Best of Winners at the Windham County Kennel Club show on Nov. 23, 2013 under judge Ed Lyons to earn 2 more championship points.

Fun times at the Hide and Seek Rats and New England Terrier Club Barn Hunt trials in Columbia, CT in November, 2013.   Weasel passed the Rat Instinct test to earn the RATI title and also earned two legs toward the RAT Novice title taking a 4th place in the Large Novice class.   Loon also earned the RATI title plus one leg toward the RAT Novice title. We can't wait until spring!

Congratulations to Connie Brukow on Chloe's new ASFA Field Champion title, earned at the MWCC Region 6 Invitational weekend in Caledonia, WI on September 29, 2013.

We are so proud of Loon's Award of Racing Excellence (ARX) title, completed at the Rock N Roll Whippet Association in Elyria, OH in June 9, 2013 at 10 months old. Fun to see her smiling for Marc Stumbo's camera at the end of a race.

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What a thrill to hear that Riff won 1st place and 40 points at the AWC National ASFA trial in Hunt Valley, MD!

So excited to report that Loon won 1st/High Scoring Open Dog and a 5-point major at the AWC National AKC trial in Hunt Valley, MD.

Weasel was WB/BOS/BBOH at the Trap Falls KC show in W.Springfield, MA and Loon was RWB/BBBE under judge Donavon Thompson.

We are thrilled to announce that Kate Darbyshire and Riff completed the Canadian CDX title with a scores of 192.5 and 194. What a fabulous performance!

Congratulations to Kate Darbyshire on Riff's first leg toward the Canadian CDX title with a score of 193.5.

An outstanding day of MAWRA-hosted CWA racing in Dendron, VA with Gatsby becoming our second home-bred race meet winner, running undefeated to win 5 National points and 5 ARX points! Loon was 2nd in the race meet, earning 3 National points.

Loon became our first home-bred race meet winner at the CWA race meet hosted by MAWRA in Dendron, VA to win 5 National points. She also placed 3rd in the post-meet match to win the High Combined award.

In addition, littermate, Gatsby, was 2nd, earning 3 National points and 5 ARX points and sister,Weasel, was 5th to earn 3 ARX points.

Riff scored 196.5/1st place in Novice B for his second High In Trial (HIT) win at the Sudbury & District Kennel Club Obedience trial in Ontario.

Riff scored 195/1st place in Novice B and High In Trial (HIT) in the morning Obedience trial at Sudbury & District Kennel Club in Ontario.

Mazie finished 6th of 23 entries at the RCRA NOTRA in Elk Grove, CA and to earn 1/2 Oval Racing Champion point.

Loon was WB/BOW for 2 points under Judge Edward F. Lyons Jr. at the Windham County Kennel Club in Springfield, MA.

At the Ottawa Kennel Club in Ontario, Canada, Riff took WD/BOW for 3 points toward his conformation title under Judge Rita Walker.

At the New England Terrier Club Barn Hunts in Columbia, CT, Weasel and Loon both earned legs toward the RATN title with Weasel taking 4th place in Novice Large with a time of 36.15 seconds.

At the Hide & Seek Rats Barn Hunts in Columbia, CT, Weasel and Loon both passed the Instinct Test for the RATI certificate. In addition, Weasel earned the first leg toward a RATN title.

Loon took 2nd place in Open at the HRVHA AKC trial in Glenville, NY move one point closer to the AKC Field Champion title!

Congratulations to Mazie for her 2nd place finish at the NCWC NOTRA meet today. She earned 3 ORC points and a National point!

Gatsby earned a 3rd place in the Open stake at the NERRC trial in Griswold, CT to earn 1 point toward the AKC Field Champion title.

Stetson won the Singles stake at NERRC and Loon finished the Senior Courser title.

Riff was 2nd at the OLCA trial in Jerseyville, ON.

Loon and Gatsby were 2nd and 3rd in the Open stake at the NERRC trial in Griswold, CT to earn points toward the AKC Field Champion title.

Stetson and Gatsby both completed the Junior Courser title.

Riff earned a nice 3rd place at the OLCA coursing trial in Jerseyville, ON.

Loon had an impressive start to her Lure Coursing career earning a 5-point major from the Open stake at the GONE AKC trial in Griswold, CT. Pablo Pistachio took a nice win in the Veterans stake to complete the AKC Master Courser title.

Gatsby started his racing career with a bang, earning 3 ARX points at the MAWRA CWA meet in Nottingham, PA.

Loonfinishing 2nd in the race meet both days and taking home a total of 5 National Points.

Littermate, Riff went lure coursing in Ontario and took 2nd both days to complete his Canadian Field Champion title.

Chloe had a great weekend at the MWCC with a 1st place in Open at the ASFA Region 6 Invitational on Saturday and a 2nd place on Sunday to complete her Field Champion title.

Remy was 2nd at the EWA NOTRA in Bridgewater, NJ for 1 National Oval Racing Champion point!

What a thrill to see Lola take a 5th place finish, BOS, and 2 ORC points at the 2013 NOTRA Derby in Tehachapi, CA! Congratulations to Val Hill!

Congratulations to Kate Darbyshire and Riff for completing the Rally Novice title with a nice class win. Well done!

Riff was Best of Breed over Specials in Ingleside, ON for 3 points and his sister, Roxy, was BOS over Specials for her first 3 points!

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