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Our Policies

Breeding Litters
  • We breed only for our own needs and never supply the wholesale (pet store) market.

  • Every puppy we produce is registered with the AKC at the time of sale (or shortly thereafter). This service is included in the price of the puppy.

  • We provide counseling, support, training and advice, as much or as little as is needed, for the life of the puppy. This service is included in the price of the puppy.

  • Our puppies are never sold under complex contracts requiring breeding, puppies back, or titles to be earned.

Stud Service
  • From time to time, we may allow one of our males to be bred to a suitable bitch under private contract.

  • Each bitch accepted for a breeding to one of our sires will have a DNA profile taken at the time of the breeding and that the DNA profile will be recorded with the AKC.

  • Prospective breeders are expected to share the results of health testing appropriate to their line's health history and we, in turn, will share our own test results.

  • We recommend that breeders have DNA profile on resultant pups taken prior to their placement in new homes and that they be recorded with the AKC upon registration of each pup.

  • We feel that it is advisable for breeders to share health testing results of both parents with prospective puppy owners.

Puppy Placement
  • Every effort is made to ensure a good match between each individual pup's needs and the new owner(s). In order to determine best fit, we make no guarantees of a pup until we are certain that a placement is a good fit.

  • While we gladly add people to our waiting list, we NEVER accept deposits on puppies.

  • In the unanticipated event that a pup should prove unsatisfactory, we cannot offer a replacement as we do not breed often enough to make replacement feasible. Our policy is offer financial compensation for return of the puppy, dependent on the reason for the pup's return. Our liability is limited to a maximum of 100% of the purchase price of the puppy.

  • If at any time, one of our puppies should require a new home, we ask that that the pup be returned to us, no questions asked. We are here to offer the pup a safety net and do not judge people for the difficulties in their lives.

Financials & Pricing
  • We are not a business. We never make a profit or receive tax benefits from this activity. We are strictly a hobby kennel, participating for the love of the breed and the satisfaction that this hobby produces.

  • Pups and goods are offered for purchase at (or below) cost to produce, so please understand that there is no "sale merchandise" or mark-downs on goods or puppies. Nor are we able to offer volume discounts or wholesale prices as we do not produce anything in volume.

  • We strive to treat others fairly and honestly and expect that they will offer us the same courtesy.

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