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Domino Derby Bill the Lizard
(FC Domino Pop Goes The Weasel SC, FCh, WRCH, ORC x Can CH Clearhounds Oleander CR)
AKC Registration #: HP42809408
CKC Registration #: YW438185
CWA Registration #: 2356
Microchip # 956000008280218
AKC DNA Profile #: V665488
DOB: November 15, 2011
Breeder: Donna Miner
Owner: Eliza Nardone & Donna Miner

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  • Red is a handsome white & fawn male with watermarking from our 2011 "Mad Hatter" litter. He resides in New Haven, CT.
  • Red is clear of color dilution (DD) and is a clear of the myostatin deficiency mutation by default (N/N).
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Pedigree of Domino Derby Bill the Lizard

Domino Derby Bill the Lizard

Domino Pop Goes The Weasel

Wheatland Bengal

Wheatland Cab Calloway

Wheatland Frankie Sue

Sheimar's Perfect Alibi

Bitterblue's Raybar Peyote

Bitterblue Millrace Mad Play

Clearhounds Oleander

Tinstone Granite Quoit

Welstar Red Robin

Curlands Wild Nights of Tinstone

Clearhounds Lolita

Wheatland Bengal

Clearhounds Inka
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