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MBIF FC Domino Brazil Bardot SC, RN, FCh, CRX2, OA, NAC, AXJ
(Domino Condor of KAM CRX-III x BIF FC Domino Chloe Mkia SC, CRX-III, OTRM, FCh)
AKC Registration #: HP20689304
DOB: April 22, 2006
Breeder: Donna Miner
Owner: Patty Ewing, DVM

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  • On May 1st, 2011, Lacey earned her NADAC Novice Jumpers title (NJC) with a 1st place at the Agility trial in Rhode Island. Three 1st placements made up that title!
  • Congratulations to Patty Ewing on Lacey's 1st place in Open Standard and 1st place in Jumpers on 4/30/11 at the NADAC trial in Rhode Island. Well done!
  • Lacey earned her NADAC NAC Agility title in early 2011. Congratulations to Patty Ewing on this great achievement!
  • She won the Lyth Loowit Awards for Versatility at both the 2009 WRA and NOTRA Nationals.
  • She earned 8 points toward the Whippet Racing Championship before turning her efforts toward Agility.
  • Lacey earned both her AKC and ASFA Field Champion titles with multiple Best In Field wins.
  • Lacey, a member of our Mixed Nuts litter, is the ultimate multi-purpose whippet, having inherited biddability from her dam and speed from her sire.
  • Lacey tested as clear of the Myostatin Deficiency mutation (N/N).
  • Health records available through The Whippet Health Foundation Database.

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Pedigree of Domino Brazil Bardot

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