Lacey-lores Dancer-lores Lacey-lores Lacey2009NotraNat2 Lacey2009NotraNat1 scan0034 2010 03 21_Jmp Open_0129 2010 03 21_Jmp Open_0123 EESSC-090831_14E8929 EESSC-090831_14E8927 EESSC-090830_14E8270 EESSC-090830_14E8269 EESSC-090830_14E8267 EESSC-090830_14E8475 EESSC-090829_14E7707Lacey EESSC-090829_14E7704Lacey EESSC-090829_14E7887Lacey EESSC-090829_14E7886Lacey Donna Bruce Lacey with ribbons Dancer 8 months and Lacey (2) 029 (2) 013 (2) - Copy 018 UMA LC photos from AWC national 2009 038 ChaiLaceyWaterford09_2 LaceyWaterford09BOB_4 LaceyWaterford09BOB_3 ChaiLaceyWaterford09_1 LaceyWaterford09BOB_1 LaceyWaterford09BOB_2 F6FB7372 F6FB7343 Patty Louise Lacey 1st Novice Standard AWC National 2009 101208e 069 101208c 341 (2) 101208c 345 101208f 098 Lacey ready to run for BOB Donna Bruce Lacey BIF Oct 08 Lacey 2 yrs old back scratch Lacey 2 yrs stretch mode lacey in mid air snow flying pup 8 wks red snagged the black rat whippets and Patty as NY ASFA trial Lacey 15 wks old ready to race snuggle bunnies2 lacey learning to use microscope2 long legs how long can she get Lacey treeing a squirrel close up Bruce and Lacey Lacey and the Brushsm Reggie and pup 8 wks red 7 weeks Brazil Frisbee Brazil front gazingx Brazil profile 4x IMG_0532x