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Regarding Puppies...

At the moment, we have no puppies available and no plans to breed a litter in 2015. We are hoping to have puppies in the summer of 2016.
  • We use only AKC registered, performance-tested, health-tested, DNA-profiled stock to parent our litters.

  • We produce a litter only when we desire a puppy for our own enjoyment. We do not breed for the purpose of supplying pet stores.

  • We strive to find a "best fit" between each puppy and their forever home, so the better (longer) we know each prospective client, the more likely we are to make the perfect match.

  • We encourage interested parties to join our puppy waitlist early and stay in frequent contact in order to avoid disappointment.

  • Interested parties are invited to contact us with a self-introduction.

    Other breeders who have or are expecting puppies soon are listed here for the convenience of those looking for pups:

    • Shirley Cooney (Abbey Whippets), Douglas, MA, 508-476-7558
      Puppies and young adults occasionally available.

    If you contact a breeder listed on this page, please tell them you saw their name listed on this website. Do NOT tell them that I personally referred you. Be advised that whippet breeders will check your references and you may look foolish if I say I've never heard of you.

    Referrals are made without endorsement of either buyer or seller. Buyers and sellers are encouraged to do their own fact-checking with regard to each others' qualifications before entering into a purchase agreement.

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