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Bitterblue's Soul O'Flight JC, FCh, CRX4
(SBIS CH Cherché Wizard of the Wind x DC Shamasan Bitterblue Columbia CD, LCM)
AKC Registration #: HM68534101
DOB: January 22, 1997
DOD: May 7, 2009
Breeders: Linda & Paul Garwacki and Dale Healy
Owners: Donna Miner and Linda Garwacki

Pedigree courtesy of The Whippet Archives

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  • Amelia was a beautiful, little whippet who lived to run.
  • She played Frisbee with such zest that she wore down her teeth with catch and fetch.
  • Amelia loved to race...unless it was raining, in which case, she would refuse to come out of the starting boxes.
  • A snuggler extraordinaire, Amelia would burrow in the pillows or hide under the covers, making such a small mound that it was possible to make the bed over her and never notice she was there.
  • Health records available through The Whippet Health Foundation Database
  • Read her story here: A Whippet West Side Story
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Pedigree of Bitterblue's Soul O'Flight

Bitterblue's Soul O'Flight

Cherche Wizard Of The Wind

Elysian Like The Night

Bitterblue's Prairie Fire

Elysian Like An Angel

Cherche' Elysian Touch And Go

Elysian A-Few Perrier

Cherche' Touch Me

Shamasn Bitterblue Columbia

Bitterblue's Loco Weed

Aymes N Raybar's Tumbleweed

Bitterblue's Ffire And Ice

Runner's Here Comes Charade

Runner's He's The Continental

Martinique SS Shamrock
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