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Helen Ferguson - HyFlyte Whippets - Brampton, ON, Canada

Performance Evaluation
This is an evaluation of this Breeder's performance to written breeding contract commitments and
follow-through with new clients.

Evaluation scale of 1 (Poor) through 10 (Excellent)

  • Knowledge/Experience

    Despite claiming extensive experience in another breed, Breeder was unable to perform the simple task of completing a CKC Litter Registration Application for her first litter of Whippets and failed to register the dam of the litter or the litter itself until the puppies were 4 months old. Breeder lacks experience and depth of knowledge regarding the Whippet breed, its history, and pedigrees. Her lack of experience renders her unable to effectively mentor puppy owners.

  • Honesty

    Breeder was evasive when status updates were requested, repeatedly lied to her clients about delays in registration of her litter, and slandered innocent parties to deflect attention from her own deficiencies.

  • Courtesy

    Breeder was extremely courteous in initial contacts, becoming rude and abusive as transactions proceeded.

  • Meets Commitments

    Breeder violated the terms of the breeding contract and failed to provide required documentation. In addition, she failed provide the dual CKC/AKC registration promised to puppy buyers. At 15 weeks of age, the litter was still not registered with CKC.

  • Values Relationships

    Breeder terminated communication with all parties with whom she had conflict. Breeder is not solution-oriented and fails to maintain and extend a network of relationships within the breed. This results in a disconnect between her puppy owners and the experienced breeders who know the health, breeding and performance history behind her puppies' bloodlines.

  • Communication

    Breeder only communicates when she wants something but otherwise does not respond to email, Facebook messages, or answer phone calls.

  • Provides Value

    Despite good quality, puppies were overpriced for value received ($1000US or $1200CAN) as they were sold without registration papers available at time of sale and with minimal support following the sale.

  • Health Testing

    No documentation of health testing was provided. Breeder failed to meet the minimum health testing requirement of the breeding contract (ie. an AKC DNA profile on the dam.)


We recommend AGAINST doing business with Helen Ferguson, 8 Fernbank Rd, Brampton, ON, Canada L6T 2G9. This includes the buying or selling of dogs and/or providing stud service.

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