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2011 NAWRA National Match Results
Judge: Laurel Behnke
Total entries: 45

Best Puppy In Match/Best In Match - Kentfield Geforce Scirocco, OTR - Rick Steele
Best Opposite Sex Puppy - Wannago Non of Ya Biz-ness - Monica Simmons
Best Adult in Match - Kentfield's Flat Out Like a Lizard Drinkin, SR, OTRM - Merril Woolf
Best Opposite Sex Adult - Hilerica Skywalker Rch, ORC - Darien Adley


Puppy Classes

2 to 6 month Puppy Class
1st. Wheatland Wannago Fylnn Rider

6 to 9 month Puppy Class
1st. Quixand Just Do It (Select Award)

12 to 18 Months Puppy Class
1st. Kentfield Geforce Scirocco (Best Puppy/Best In Match)
2nd. Mischief's Ballroom Blitz
3rd. Wheatland Taro

2 to 6 month Puppy Class
1st. Wannago None of Ya Biz-Ness (Best Opposite Sex Puppy)

12 to 18 Month Puppy Class
1st. Wheatland Parsnip (Select Award)
2nd. SDW Kismet Beat The Street At Wheatland

Adult Dog Classes

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs
1st. Hilerica Skywalker (Best Opposite Sex Adult.)
2nd. Wannago See Ya Later
3rd. Cash Creek Kentfield Man on Fire

Show Champion Dog
1st. Endeavor's Free To Go

Race Champion Dog Class
1st. Wheatland Funk Soul Brother
2nd. Kentfield's Quickshot Rugar
3rd. Wenlock Whip It Up

Open Field or FCH Dog Class
1st Wannago's Dirt Daddy

Canadian Bred Dog Class
1st. Hilerica Paris Rouboux
2nd. Wenlock Edge Sidney

Minor Titles Dog Class
1st. Wheatland Rhythm N Blues
2nd. Wannago Man In Black

Veteran Dog Class 7 to 10 Yrs
1st. Kentfield Crixa Lorca
2nd. Shady Past

Adult Bitch Classes:

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch Class
1st. Mischief's Black Magic Woman (Select Award)
2nd. Cash Creek Dark Starr of Kentfield
3rd. Wannago's Solavinna De Sonoma

Open Bitch Class
1st. Kentfield Flat Out Drinkin Like A Lizard (Best Adult In Match Adult)
2nd. Rosmor Amazing Race
3rd. Wheatland Full Tilt Boogie
4th. Rosmor Lucy in The Sky

Race Champion Bitch Class
1st. Wheatland Tina Turner (Select Award)
2nd. Kentfield Celaeno Elektra
3rd. Take Five Allegro

Open Field or Fch. Bitch Class

1st. Kentfield Perfect Poison
2nd. Quixand Status Cymbal

Minor Title Bitch Class
1st. Quixand Fearless Angel
2nd. Lakota's Holly Berry

Veteran Over 10 yr Bitch Class
1st. Coalby of Wyndsor

Brace Class
1st. Cash Creek On Fire and Cash Creek Dark Starr of Kentfield
2nd. High Tone's You Roc Me and Quik-high Wendigo

Stud Dog Class
1st. Shady Past
2nd. Wheatland Rythym N Blues
3rd. Wannago Man In Black

Brood Bitch Class
1st. Winyglen's Chocolate Karma
2nd. Oochigea's Epicentre