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GraceGift James Watson JC, RL1, W-BFD/MF, W-TFD/MF, W-FD/HTM
(BIF FC Domino Pop Goes The Weasel SC, FCh, WRCH, ORC x Kentfield Atalanta WRCH)
AKC Registration #: HP22528406
DOB: August 15, 2006
DOD: October 8, 2013
Breeder: Adele Monroe, DVM
Owner: Pam Sheehan

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  • 08.Oct.2013 - We were saddened to hear ofWynn's passing today. Our gratitude to the Pam Sheehan for the love and care she lavished on him during his lifetime. He was a lucky dog to be so cherished.
  • 11.Jun.2011 - Wynn and Pam earn a 2nd place with their Freestyle performance in the Novice Heel to Music (HTM) class.
  • 06.Sept.2008 - Wynn was awarded a 2nd place at the AKC lure coursing event in Oklahoma, earning his first championship point.
  • He also works as a demo dog in his owner's clicker training classes.
  • You can read a bit about Wynn on his owner's blog.

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Pedigree of GraceGift James Watson

GraceGift James Watson

Domino Pop Goes The Weasel

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Wheatland Cab Calloway

Wheatland Frankie Sue

Sheimar's Perfect Alibi

Bitterblue's Raybar Peyote

Bitterblue Millrace Mad Play

Kentfield Atalanta
Elektra AchillesRegalstock Ninja
Ringdove Imbrium

Ringdove Cassiopeia

Flyer of the Crackerjacks
Ringdove Quilchena
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