01-Cover 02-Officers, Policy, Rates 03-Calendar of Events 04-Wirtu Litter 05-Obedience 06-Obedience (cont.) 07-NCWFA Does It Again 08-This and That 09-Racing Puppies_David Gill 10-Litter ped 11-Tally Ho! 12-Tally ho! (cont.) 13-Tally Ho! (cont.) 14-NOTRA Race Report_Dave Rosenstock 15-NOTRA Race-by-Race 16-They're Doggone Fast_Jim Mather 17-Doggone Fast (cont.) 18-Loss of water could kill dog 19-NPR Flyer 20-NPR Results_Patti Houghtelin 21-NPR Results 22-Counting Licenses, not dogs 23-The Rover Reporter 24-1979 ASFA ACoD Report 25-1979 ASFA ACoD (cont.) 26-1979 ASFA ACoD (cont.) 27-1979 ASFA ACoD (cont.) 28-1979 ASFA ACoD (cont.) 29-Sinister Garden 30-Toxic Plants 31-Toxic PlantsjQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0