01-Cover 03-Calendar of Events 06-Minutes (cont.) 07-We're Really Going To the Dogs_Connie Lauerman 08-Man's Best Friend (cont.) 09-Purina Dog Care Center 10-Why Do You Run_Norman W Ellis 11-Progressive Retinal Atrophy 12-NPR Report_Patti Houghtelin 13-NPR Results 14-NPR Race-by-Race 15-The Rover Reporter 16-Tropical Disease in Arizona 17-Feeding & Care of the Dog 18-Quality of Rations 19-Feeding Problems 20-Tribute To The Dog 21-Sweet Dreams_Roger I Barr 22-Sweet Dreams (cont.) 23-NOTRA Flyer 24-NOTRA Results_Dave Rosenstock 25-NOTRA Race-by-Race 26-Help You Find Your Pet 27-Pet Finding (cont.) 28-Pet Finding (cont.) 29-Use of Shock_Ellen Norman 30-Something to think about_Betz Leone 31-Animals have rights 32 33-Feedback Form 34-Feedback FormjQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0