01a-Cover 01b-Officers, Policy, Rates 02-Calendar of Events 03-1978 Title Winners 04-1978 Title Winners (cont.) 05-Winterize Your whippet 06-The Montana Moosehound 07-Problems Lie Ahead_Roger Caras 08-Problems Lie Ahead (cont.) 09-Problems Lie Ahead (cont.) 10-Problems Lie Ahead (cont.) 11-NPR & LC Flyer 12-Not Delightful Topics 13-Man-Dog Relationships & Human Needs_Michael W. Fox 14-Man-Dog Relationships & Human Needs (cont.) 15-Man-Dog Relationships & Human Needs (cont.) 16-Injuries to Muscles 17-The Compleat Whippet 18-NCWFA NPR Flyer 19-NPR Entry Form 20-Gastric Dilation 21-Loyal Pet Triggered Scottish Love of Dogs_Lee Tyler 22-What You Always Wanted to Know About Kibble 23-The Sloughi_Jacky Saunders 24-The Sloughi (cont.) 25-More Proof-Dogs Eat Better Than People 26-Please Pass The Biscuit 27-Win Report Form 28-Win Report FormjQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0