01-Cover 02-Officers, Policy, Rates 03-Minutes 04-Calendar of Events 05-NCWFA Events 06-California Race Results 1978 07-Race Results (cont.) 08-Race Results (cont.) 09-Race Results (cont.) 10-Race Results (cont.) 11-Race Results (cont.) 12-Whippets are Special_Aileen Harvey 13-Special (cont.) 14-Top Dog Set_Virginia Funk 15-Individual Attention 16-Lameness in Coursing Hounds 17-Lameness (cont.) 18-Lameness (cont.) 19-The Rover Reporter 20-Awards Dinner 21-Stretch Whippet 22-How Big is an Inch 23-How Big Is an Inch (cont.) 24-How Big is an Inch (cont.) 25-Posing Your Whippet For Measuring_Mary Beth Arthur 26-Why must we euthanize_Phyllis Wright 27-Why Euthanize (cont.) 28-Early Dog-Cro-Magnon's Best Friend 29-Hero Pup_Richard J Armitage 30-Hero (cont.) 31-How to Housebreak your Pup_Douglas Lidster 32-Housebreak (cont.) 33-Embryo TransplantsjQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0