01-Cover 02a-Officers, Policy, Rates 02b-Minutes 03-Calendar of Events 04-NCWFA NPR Flyer 05-Heartworm Disease 06-Thoughts on Food 07-Thoughts on Food (cont.) 08-NCWC NPR Results_Jean Balint 09-NCWC Race-by-Race 10-Canine Allergy Test 11-NOFCA Calendar 12-Field Trial Results 13-Goat Show Goes to the Dogs 14-Goat Story 15-Good Lure Operation_Werner Eckel 16-Nominations 17-The Other Side Of The Coin_Ruth H Tongren 18-The Other Side of the Coin (cont.) 19-Opinion Corner 21a-Fun Match Report 21b-Fun Match Results 21-NCWFA Fun Match Report 22a-Did You Miss the Pot Luck 23-The Rover Reporter 24-NCWFA Field Trial Report 25-Take Note! 27-Canine Heat Stress_Sami Brush 28-Canine Heat Stress (cont.)jQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0