01-Cover 03-Officers, Policy, Rates 04-Meeting Minutes 05-Minutes (cont.) 06-Effects of Light on Animals_Allan Rogers 07-Effects of Light (cont.) 08-NCAHC LC Results 09-Calendar of Events 10-NCWFA Treasurer's Report 11-NCWFA NPR Flyer 12-Flea Market 13-NCWFA Lure Trial Report 14-Placement of Whippets 15-When Fido Jets_Marsha Kay Seff 16-Air Shipment in doubt 17-Some Urban Doggerel 18-How it used to be and how it is today_Eugene Jacobs 19-How it used to be 20-Try to explain 21-The Rover Reporter 22-Book Review 23-Adventures in the Sunshine State With Dogs 24-Adventures (cont.) 25-Cryptorchidism in Whippets_Louis Pegram 26-Cryptorchidism (cont.) 27-Cryptorchidism (cont.) 28-LC CrisisjQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0