01-Cover 03-Officers, Policy, Rates 04-Minutes 05-Calendar of Events 06-Show Results 07-Palo Alto Animal Fair 08-Palo Alto Entry Form 09-Bench Chairman's Report 10-Parimutuel Betting at Santa Clara 11-Why The British Quarantine 12-Dog Training - When to begin 13-Digestive Process of the Dog 14-Digestive Process of the Dog (cont.) 15-Dogs should eat more in winter 16-Letters to the Editor 17-Letters to the Editor (cont.) 18-Letters to the Editor (cont.) 19-ASFA Letter_Lyle Gillette 20-Sweaters anyone 21-Another Look at Obesity 22-Obesity (cont.) 23-Obesity (cont.) 24-Whippets in Obedience 25-OTCH-A Proposal 26-OTCH-A Proposal (cont.) 27-Judges & Color in the Whippet_Margaret P Newcombe 28-Judges & Color (cont.) 29-Membership Roster 30-Membership Roster (cont.)jQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0