01-Cover 03-Officers, Policy, Rates 04-Calendar of Events 05-Minutes 06-Northern California Hound Seminar 07-Hound Seminar (cont.) 08-Hound Seminar (cont.) 09-NCWFA Treasurer's Report 10-NCWFA Does Good Deed 11-Flea Maket Sale 12a-Revised NCWFA Scoring System 12b-Thoughts on the Achievement Awards 12c-Achievement Awards 14-Annual Awards Invite 15-Your Rover Reporter 16-For Sale-Janos 17-Otterhounds in the Field_John Bell-Irving 18-Otterhounds (cont.) 19a-Export-Little Big Man 19b-Export-Little Big Man 20-NPR Results 21-NPR Results (cont.) 22-MTBC Lure Trial Results 23-Rules for Club Wrecking 24-Study of the Whippet's Head (cont.) 25-Odds & Ends 26-Pennyworth_Margaret Newcombe 27-Pennyworth (cont.) 28-Whippet Racing 80 years ago 29-Whippet Racing (cont.)jQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0