01-Cover 02-Officers, Policy, Rates 03-Calendar of Events 04-The Whippet 05-The Whippet (cont.) 06-The Whippet (cont.) 07-The Truth About Pet Foods_Lee Coe 08-Pet Foods (cont.) 09-Pet Foods (cont.) 10-NCWFA Christmas Party Report 11-Christmas Party (cont.) 12-Application for Membership 13-Newsy Notes 14-Dog Quiz 15-Searching for a Sire_Stanley Dangerfield 16-Searching for a Sire (cont.) 17-Hidden Danger for Pets 18-Canine Pediatrics_John Hodges 19-Canine Pediatrics (cont.) 20-Canine Pediatrics (cont.) 21-Questions & Answers 22-Questions & Answers (cont.) 23-What is factually known about Ab-orchidism in dogs_Louis Pegram 24-What is factually known about Ab-orchidism in dogs (cont.) 25-The Low State of Whippet Racing_Robert Benchley 26-The Low State of Whippet Racing (cont.) 27-Feedback Form 28-Feedback FormjQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0