01-Cover 02-Table of Contents 03-Policy & Officers 04-Calendar 05-Calendar (cont.) 06-From the President_Bill Mathewson 07-BOD Meeting Highlights 08-BOD Meeting Highlights (cont.) 09-Whispering Whippet Tales 10 11-SCWA Match Flyer 12-The Flea Market 13-The Flea Market (cont.) 14-Amberwood Regalstock Cavallo 15-Potpourri 16-Kathryn Mathewson Birth Announcement 17-Letter from Weasel Boy 18-AKC Schedule of Points 1977 19-SCWA Fun Match Flyer 20SCWA Match Entry Form 21-The Owner-Handler 22-The Owner-Handler (cont.) 23-The Owner-Handler (cont.) 24-The Owner-Handler (cont.) 25-The Owner-Handler (cont.) 26-The Owner-Handler (cont.) 27-The Owner-Handler (cont.) 28-Top Obedience Hounds 29-SCWA NPR Flyer 30-NPR Entry Form 31-NCWC NPR Report-Jean Balint 32-NCWC NPR Results 33-NCWC Race-by-Race 34-GWWA NPR Report_John Baker 35-GWWA Race-by-Race 36-GWWA Race-by-Race (cont.) 37-NTWC NPR Flyer 38-Map to NTWC Event 39-BCWRC Futurity Flyer 40-BCWRC Futurity Entry Form 41-General Meeting Notice 42-WCSD NPR Flyer 43-WCSD Lure Coursing Flyer 44-Lure Coursing Primer-Part I 45-Lure Coursing Primer-Part I (cont.) 46-Lure Coursing Primer-Part I (cont.) 47-Lure Coursing Primer-Part I (cont.) 48-Lure Coursing Primer-Part I (cont.) 49-Lure Coursing Primer-Part I (cont.) 50-Lure Coursing Primer-Part I (cont.) 51-Lure Coursing Primer-Part I (cont.) 52-SCWA Softball Flyer 53-SCWA Membership Roster 54-SCWA Membership Application 55-Back CoverjQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0