01-Cover 03-Policies, Officers, Rates 04-Presidents Message by Bob Maresca 05-Calendar 06-California NPR Race Events 07-Benefit Match 08-Board Meeting Minutes 09-General Meeting Minutes 10-Bob'N Ad 11-Pets Require Responsibility by David H. Taylor DVM 12-Pets (cont.) 13-Wins and Things 14-Schedule of Points 15-Winds and Things 16-GWWA Lure Trial Report 17-GWWA Lure Trial Results 18-Santa Barbara Dinner Invitation 19-Santa Barbara NPR Flyer 21-Challenge Race 22-Challenge Race Offer - Benchie vs. Toro 23-NPR Entry Form 25-NCWFA NPR Flyer 26-POT Race Flyer 27-Height Issue in Racing by Louis Pegram 28- 29-Dog Progress Digest 30- 31-SCWA NPR Results 32-SCWA NPR Race-by-race 33-WCSD NPR Results 34-WCSD NPR Results (cont.) 35-WCSD Race-by-race 37-GWWA Membership Application 38-Back CoverjQuery Lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v3.0